Tuesday, October 27, 2020

TUSA’s Switch PRO Fins Make For A More Powerful Dive


TUSA’s HyFlex Switch PRO fins function in a similar way to a split fin in that they use the company’s exclusive “Vortex Generator” to reduce the resistance by creating ridges on both sides of the fin plate to propel you faster through the water with less drag.

The Switch PRO has been evolved to have a 20% stiffer blade made out of the same polyurethane material as the original Switch fin, making it even more responsive and snappier for the user.

If you already have the original Switch fins then you can upgrade your blades whilst keeping your foot pockets as they are easily interchangeable.

They come with the one-size-fits-all rubber bungie, making them easy to don when you are fully kitted up and you can match your kit with the selection of bright colors with clear panels alongside the classic all black.

The Switch PRO Fins retail for US$219/~192 Euros and can be found on the TUSA website at tusa.com.

— Victoria Brown

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