The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation is looking for donations to support its whale disentanglement work.

Every year, Humpback whales migrate from Alaskan waters to the waters off Hawaii to mate and calve.

Sadly, in many cases whales become entangled in fishing gear and end up dragging long fishing lines (up to 100ft/30m) long, that are weighed down by up to 300lb/~136kg of fishing gear. This entanglement causes the whales great distress on their 3,000 mile/~4,828 km journey from Alaska to Hawaii, and can even lead to the whale’s death due to restricting its ability to dive and breach.

The National Large Whale Entanglement Response Network tries to help whales, and according to a report in 2017, the network responded to 50 of the 76 confirmed entanglement cases and managed to remove gear from 20 whales in both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Cases didn’t involve Humpback whales solely, with gear also being removed from endangered Right whales and Blue whales.

The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation is looking for your help to support this important work protecting our whales. You can donate here, or check out a clip of disentangling a whale below.

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