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NAUI To Sponsor History Of Diving Museum ‘Vintage Weekend Wonders’ Event

Are you a NAUI member and an aficionado of the “Sea Hunt” TV series that aired from 1958 to 1961? Well, the History of Diving Museum is organizing an event this weekend that should whet the whistle of any “Sea Hunt” fan.

The National Association of Underwater Instructors will be sponsoring the Vintage Weekend Wonders, a community event organized by the History of Diving Museum, to be held August 12th through 13th in Islamorada, Florida.

The event will begin with a vintage diving event (recreate a “Sea Hunt” scene!) and end with guided tours. Also included will be a barbeque, “Sea Hunt” episodes, a lagoon cleanup with the NAUI Green Diver Initiative, and free photo scanning and restoration with Vivid-Pix, a company focused on developing easy-to-use software that helps restore underwater, land and old and new pictures.

To show NAUI’s support of the museum, NAUI Executive Director Dallas Edmiston and Board of Directors Chair Dave Ochs presented the museum’s executive director, Lisa Mongelia, and her team with a $1,000 Iron Mike sponsorship in early March 2017. With the sponsorship, NAUI members and divers will receive 25 percent off museum admission.

As part of its temporary “Evolution of Dive Training” exhibit in 2016 and 2017, the History of Diving Museum displayed several items from NAUI’s training-materials archive, sharing them with more than 16,000 annual visitors.

Dr. Sally Bauer, speaking to NAUI’s contribution to the “Evolution of Dive Training” exhibit, said:

“Many of the Florida Keys History of Diving Museum’s visitors show a special interest in NAUI’s ‘Timeline of Dive History’ poster. Let’s face it, those of us who are now ‘senior’ divers were diving with NAUI through that era; we used their manuals and can personally relate to the equipment shown.”

Located in Islamorada, Florida, the History of Diving Museum tells the international story of humanity’s quest to explore, understand and venture under the sea and is dedicated to collecting, preserving, displaying and interpreting artifacts, antiques, books, documents, photographs and oral history related to the history of diving.

To participate or get involved in Vintage Weekend Wonders, check out the NAUI website at naui.org.

To find out more about visiting or contributing to the museum, go to divingmuseum.org or call 305-664-9737.

NAUI To Sponsor History Of Diving Museum 'Vintage Weekend Wonders' Event
NAUI To Sponsor History Of Diving Museum ‘Vintage Weekend Wonders’ Event
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