An astonishing video has just surfaced from Ascension Island, halfway between South America and Africa, answering that age-old question: What do you do when two sharks decide they want the Yellowfin Tuna you just speared?

Surrendering your catch is not an option, according to one spearfisherman, who fights with all his might against not one but two sharks just to keep his catch, the Daily Express reports.

The minute-long video shows the sharks taking turns to run at the Tuna, as the spearfisher keeps moving it out of the way to protect it. He uses his speargun to repeatedly bat away both sharks, before eventually pulling out his dive knife and using it to stab the sharks on the surface.

In this dramatic footage, at one point the spearfisher and the shark are on the surface tussling for the Tuna, while the spearfisher uses his speargun to keep the shark at bay – which has a large portion of its body out of the water as it desperately tries to get at the Tuna.

Luckily for the spearfisher his boat was nearby, and as he fends off the sharks he makes his way back to the boat. He eventually manages to haul his catch back on board. Even more surprisingly, the Tuna is still intact. Interestingly, while being surrounded by two aggressive sharks, the fisherman chose to lift his catch aboard the boat before getting himself out of the water. We can only guess at how much he wanted that Tuna!

You can read the full Daily Express story here, and check out the video below.

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