The National Association of Underwater InstructorsGreen Diver Initiative recently launched a new grant program for NAUI members and affiliate partners.

The Dive4Change Grant Program will fund projects related to restoring coral reefs; reducing invasive species like the Lionfish; removing marine debris; tracking certain marine species like sea turtles and manatees; public outreach efforts and more.

A lot of the grant money out there usually goes to non-profit organizations for individual-project funding. NAUI‘s new grant program can go to individual divers, according to GDI Manager Sam Richardson:

“Divers have an opportunity during every dive to make a positive impact on our waterways. Through the Dive4Change Grant Program, divers will receive resources to develop innovative and impact-driven projects . . . diving not just for recreation, but diving with a purpose.

“The NAUI Green Diver Initiative strives to empower divers to continue to dive-in and explore, preserve and restore our waterways. Unfortunately, funding for individually inspired projects can be limited due to the fact that most granting agencies only allow non-profit organizations to apply. This leaves divers, eager to utilize their skills for the betterment of our environment, with few options for support.”

Applicants can apply for up to US$1,000/905 Euros per request for each granting cycle, and you won’t need to worry about application deadlines because grants are based on an “as funds are available” basis.

For more info about applying for a grant, check out the NAUI Green Diver website at

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