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New Atomic Innovations Now Available For ANY Atomic Aquatics Regulator

Earlier this summer, Atomic Aquatics unveiled the M1 regulator and the results have been overwhelming. The popular high performance regulator has quickly become a favorite of dive store owners, instructors and most importantly customers because of it’s many features, options and most of all, performance.

Two of the impressive features offered for the first time on M1 models, the ergonomically-designed exhaust deflector and the specially-molded "comfort fit" mouthpiece, are now available for use with any Atomic Aquatics regulator. These important upgrades are part of Atomic’s continuing quest to improve and enhance the diving experience by developing and delivering the best in products and product features.

Atomic’s exhaust deflector keeps bubbles away from a diver’s field of vision due to a super-wide construction made from two different hardness materials. The two-tone design matches any existing Atomic regulator and can be changed quickly by any Atomic Aquatics dealer.

The "comfort-fit" mouthpiece was developed at the suggestion of Atomic dealers and customers seeking a more comfortable second stage. The "comfort-fit" is made from two different types of silicon and combines elements of both hard and soft material to provide both durability and comfort simultaneously.

Both the exhaust deflector and "comfort-fit" mouthpiece were unveiled with the launch of Atomic’s hugely successful M1 regulator. According to company officials, the M1 has quickly become the most popular regulator in the Atomic Aquatics line, although each of the company’s five regulators remain at the top of consumer’s list of "must-have" products.

"When we built the first Atomic regulator, the T1, we set out the build the best regulator possible," said Dean Garraffa, Atomic Aquatics Co-Founder. "That included making our products adaptable to upgrades and improved features. We’re pleased that any Atomic regulator can be enhanced easily with these two new elements. We’re working on even more improvements to our line that you will be hearing more about very soon."

For more information about the Atomic Aquatics regulator upgrades, visit your nearest Atomic Aquatics dealer. A complete list of every Atomic dealer is available on the company’s web site, which is located at

Stephan Whelan
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