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New Continental Records Set During F.R.E.E.'s Master Course

The third edition of the successful F.R.E.E. Master Course/Deep Training Camp, run by the Yasemin Dalkilic – Rudi Castineyra team followed on the footsteps of the previous ones when two of the participants set 3 new records.

Ant Williams from New Zealand reached a depth of 60 meters/197 feet in a time of 1:46 min. to set the new Equipment Assisted Constant Ballast record for both his country and the continent of Australia-Oceania.

South African freediver Bevan Dewar followed suit by setting a new mark of 70 meters/230 feet in a time of 2:11 min. in the same category, and then adding a new record to his resume by reaching the remarkable depth of 55 meters/187 feet in a time of 2:15 min. in the Unassisted Constant Ballast category, both dives becoming the new African and South African records.

The records were verified by F.R.E.E. judges Yasemin Dalkilic (Turkey), Damir Moussine (Russia) and Rudi Castineyra (USA) who were positioned at the surface, mid-water and bottom levels respectively, and who verified not only the athletes’ compliance with the rules but also witnessed the ease with which they performed the dives.

Renown freediver Topi Lintukangas, who was starting his season training at the camp, was the first to congratulate the divers on their results. A total of 17 divers from 10 different countries attended the two week event, their safety and performances monitored by a team of 4 F.R.E.E. instructors/judges and 5 safety divers.

These results confirm the deserved reputation these camps have earned in the freediving community. The next round of the Master Course/Training camp combo is scheduled for July on the same location of Kas, Antalya, Turkey. For more information contact the organizers at

Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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