New Luxury Option To Dive The Mergui Archipelago

the SY Dallinghoo in Burma

Burma Boating is about to launch the option to dive Burma’s Mergui Archipelago off a new luxury yacht, the SY Dallinghoo.

The Dudley Dix-designed schooner is 30 meters/100 feet long and is set to launch seven-night, eight-day itineraries from November 2019 through April 2020, and will combine two great hobbies, sailing and yachting.

According to Michael Cole, the head of Burma Boating:

“With this new Sail & Dive adventure, we wanted to offer something extraordinary. There are few, if any, undiscovered nirvanas like the Mergui Archipelago left on this planet. These cruises will provide comfort, exquisite dining, and stops at no less than five fantastic dive sites, all of which feature a kaleidoscope of coral and magnificent marine life.”

The Mergui Archipelago is located off the southern coast of Burma in the Andaman Sea, and aside from offering pristine diving conditions, is also home to the famous nomadic “Moken” people, who live on boats and are renowned for their freediving skills.

You can find out more information here or email for more information here.