The New VOLT X Action Camera Could Give GoPro A Run For Its Money

The VOLT X Action Camera Could Give GoPRo A Run For Its Money
The New VOLT X Action Camera Could Give GoPRo A Run For Its Money

Looks like GoPro has a new competitor on the cost side.

There’s a new action camera out called the VOLT X which is being offered for US$99/87 Euros.

The VOLT X sports a 2-inch/5.08-cm rear LCD display screen, and can capture video in 4K, 1080p, 720p and VGA as well as 16MP photos. It’s waterproof down to 60 meters/197 feet. Built-in wifi allows it to be controlled via a smartphone.

The VOLT X also includes a quick-release buckle and two adhesive mounts — one curved and the other flat — for attachment onto a helmet, handlebar or watercraft. Additionally, the three-way pivot arm allows getting the right angle for capturing whatever shot you want.

As for storage space, the VOLT X’s external memory card slot supports microSD cards up to 64GB. And the built-in battery allows the camera to run just over an hour.

And yeah, it sure does resemble the GoPro, right?

Volt X action camera
Volt X action camera

Well, VOLT Camera CMO Ethan Hsu tells

“We have our own copyright and all design property is ours.”

The company will launch a crowdfunding campaign on KickStarter on August 31.

For more information, check out the video below to see footage shot underwater with the VOLT X, or go to the VOLT website at

VOLT - Underwater Sample Footage