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Nudis, Octos, and Bioluminescent Jewelry from the ‘The Slug and Kraken’

For those of you obsessed with nudis and octos, The Slug and Kraken has answered your siren call. Handcrafted, ocean-inspired art pieces, by talented artist Starsha Battrick, surge from the depths of her love of sea slugs, octopus, and all things mythological.

These unique and very accurate replicas of sea life are made from resin using molds she creates herself. She adds her Midas Touch to finish each piece into a work of art that you can wear. She uses titanium posts for all earring studs, the most hypoallergenic material there is. The highlight is that she uses additives in the resin so the pieces glow-in-the-dark, which is a direct tribute to the magical bioluminescence she experienced on her first night dive when she surfaced in a dinoflagellate bloom with the Milky Way above.

Slug and Kraken artist Starsha Battrick
Slug and Kraken artist Starsha Battrick

Nudibranch stud earrings accompanied by hand-sketched identification cards of the specific species are US$35 – $60 (~€32 – ~€55). Available in jellyfish, coy fish and tiny octos, too.

Glow-in-the-dark stickers for your scuba tank will charge in the daylight and emit their glow while on your night dive. These range from $4 – $7.50 (~€3.60 – ~€6.80).

The Octopus tentacles fake-gauges range from $50 – $70 (~€45 – ~€63) and other ocean pieces, which are also bioluminescent, are $39 – $120 (~€35 – ~€110).

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Nola Schoder
Nola Schoder
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