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Sea&Sea Shines Bright with New Strobe and Lighter Dome Port

Sea&Sea has some faster, lighter, less reflective and exciting new things on the horizon.

A lightweight Universal Dome Port has been introduced to the line that is made from a proprietary material that only Sea&Sea is using. It maintains the clarity of glass crossed with the durability of acrylic, and will not be as easily scratched! An anti-reflective AR coating on the inside prevents that lens reflection from haunting you. In this particular port, you can remove the screws and actually replace the dome yourself. All previous ports had a liquid glue whereas this one has an o-ring seal. Depth is rated to 100m / 330ft. Price is TBD and port will be available in January 2020.

The YS-D3 Lightning strobe is completely revamped from the previous model. The D3 strobe is a little more powerful producing a maximum guide number of 33. This strobe delivers on the faster recycle time; At full-power the recycle time is 1.5 seconds; at half-power it’s .06 seconds, and at a quarter-power it’s constant flash. Sea&Sea built this strobe with brighter target lights and added an aluminum band that heat syncs to keep the lights cool and thus eliminate the problem of burning the flash tubes with overheating from rapid fire shooting. New dual flash tubes with a highly engineered lens flattens the light beam giving a more balanced, evenly dispersed light and preventing those hot spots. The control dials are a little more robust, so they are bigger and easier to adjust with gloves. Pricing and availibilty coming soon.

New accessories for the D3 include a dome diffuser to more evenly spread light, a snoot with internal prism that guides light though center so no vignetting nor distorting of light, and a flash prism that enhances the slave sensors capabilities so no more running your wires. Available in April 2020 and prices to be announced.

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Sea&Sea Shines Bright with New Strobe and Lighter Dome Port
Sea&Sea Shines Bright with New Strobe and Lighter Dome Port
Nola Schoder
Nola Schoder
Nola is a journalist, visual storyteller and award-winning underwater photographer specializing in marine life, conservation and dive travel. A dive pro for 10+ years and an avid freediver, she started diving in San Diego, CA, and traversed the globe until landing in Miami. She holds a master's in Marine Conservation and works extensively documenting research, mostly with sharks and rays, and even has an individual manta ray named after her. Above water, she is generally on a gastronomic adventure or hiking for a view of our blue planet.


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