Tuesday, September 26, 2023
DEMA Show CoverageGet Ready for Amphi Americas' Hybrid Powered Monofin -- Coming Soon!

Get Ready for Amphi Americas’ Hybrid Powered Monofin — Coming Soon!


Amphi Americas is working on a new prototype of their hybrid powered monofin.

Activated by initial body strength and movement, this is two to three times stronger than kicking with a regular monofin.

This upgraded version includes a stronger Thruster and Selector option. When you kick, it activates the motor to push you. The stronger your kick, the more support you will get from the Thruster, like an electric bike.

The Selector controls the amount of thrust support. By pre-programming four different settings of sensitivity, while underwater you can control the thrust power and how much the blade moves with a simple twist of the Selector. A kill switch has also been added to instantly stop the motor in case of an emergency or should you simply want to disable the thrust power.

They are working on a new battery pack as well.

The BETA version will be ready towards the end of 2020 with pricing in the range of US$2,500 (~€2,265). A crowdfunding campaign will be starting soon!

Stay tuned for more details at their Indiegogo campaign page or by visiting www.AmphiAmericas.com.

(Remember this is a crowdfunding campaign so you are helping to fund development of a project but not a finished product. Please make sure you research the project before spending any money.)

Nola Schoder
Nola Schoder
Nola discovered her love for breathing underwater in San Diego, CA where she is a regular diver. An underwater photographer, she is rarely diving without her camera as though it has morphed to her being. Being an avid traveler, scuba diving has multiplied her bucket list by infinity so when she’s not looking for a macro critter hidden on the reef, you can be sure she is plotting her next dive adventure.