OCEAN REEF Introduces The New GSM Mercury Communication Unit

Ocean Reef GSM Mercury Unit
Ocean Reef GSM Mercury Unit

OCEAN REEF has announced the introduction of its latest and most advanced underwater communications unit, the GSM Mercury.

The new system is an evolutionary development and blends the best aspects of OCEAN REEF’s various communication units. The blend includes:

  • The long-range associated with the Gpower system.
  • Stereo like sound associated with the GSM SL.
  • The Double channel option and clarity of the DC.
  • The longevity and battery endurance of the Gdivers.

The new unit is very durable, and depending on the conditions can have a range of up to 250m/800ft. Even though the unit blends the advances in other units, it still comes with its own innovative technology in the form of Digital Activation Transmission (DAT).

The DAT allows divers to use the unit hands-free, and be able to send and receive communications when busy with other tasks.

You can find out more about the GSM Mercury Unit here, or check out the video below.