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Online Auction To Sell Off Rare Scuba Items And Antique Diving Helmets

If you’re a historical diving memorabilia aficionado, you’ll definitely need to check out this upcoming online auction.

On March 14th, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. US Central time, will be hosting an auction of a whole bunch of stuff including books signed by Sea Hunt’s Lloyd Bridges, Jacques Cousteau, E.R. Cross and Bill Barada, plus vintage scuba regulators, tanks, UDT/SEAL team items, and diving helmets.

Early equipment and rare books on scuba diving offer bidders a different collecting avenue. The very rare first book written by Jacques Cousteau, and one autographed by him, are available. Other early 1st Edition books include The Compleat Goggler, and others on scuba and combat diving, including Sea Hunt’s Lloyd Bridges, plus complete runs of Skin Diver and Triton magazines can be had.

Other cool stuff available at the auction includes:

* A Second World War surplus pilot’s oxygen diluter regulator converted to scuba use
* Early 1950s Aqua Lung regulators
* World War II-era oxygen tanks for scuba

If you’re looking for museum-quality items for a dive store display or private collection you can find them here.

Other highlights at the auction are a selection of 22 diving helmets ranging from the 1800s to the 1970s, including:

* Multiple A.J. Morse & Son’s and A. Schrader’s Son diving helmets.
* US Navy Mark V diving helmet from 1943.
* 1916 Style 1 and a WWII era Style 3 Miller Dunn shallow water helmets.
* Two custom-ordered Yokohama helmets in excellent condition with documented history.

Rounding out the diving helmets are some of the most historic examples from the early 1970s including Joe Savoie and Miller 100 helmets.

The auction also contains hundreds of pieces of individual antique diving tools, helmet parts, and diving dresses, plus Mark V diving boots, belts, fittings, valves, gloves, suits and even a welding lens.

For the bibliophile, very rare US Navy diving manuals, 1st edition books and limited print run books on diving are available. And if you’re a modern military diver enthusiast, there’s a sizeable selection of NOS Navy Mark 12 diving helmet and rebreather parts.

The auction is open now for preview and absentee bidding and can be viewed at

John Liang
John Liang
John Liang is the News Editor at He first got the diving bug while in High School in Cairo, Egypt, where he earned his PADI Open Water Diver certification in the Red Sea off the Sinai Peninsula. Since then, John has dived in a volcanic lake in Guatemala, among white-tipped sharks off the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, and other places including a pool in Las Vegas helping to break the world record for the largest underwater press conference.


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