Saturday, May 25, 2024

PADI And Nat Geo Pristine Seas Team Up To Protect The Ocean


PADI and National Geographic Pristine Seas have announced a partnership to protect a minimum of 30% of our oceans.

The organizations aim to achieve their goals by the year 2030.

The first act of the partnership is a global Dive Industry Economic Evaluation Survey which seeks to quantify the benefits of the dive industry to local economies. The survey will collate data from PADI dive centers, which scientists will then analyze at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Simon Fraser University.

Data and findings from the study will then be used to influence and lobby governments to help protect the environment and to establish and enlarge Marine Protected Areas.

Commenting on the new partnership, Drew Richardson, President and CEO of PADI Worldwide stated:

“PADI Mission Hubs play a critical role in our Blueprint for Ocean Action and are key stakeholders in the push for increased protection measures for the underwater world. Each PADI operator brings unique insights, local expertise, community leadership and passion for our ocean. By coming together as a unified force, the PADI community in partnership with National Geographic Pristine Seas will provide an unprecedented global voice to influence long-term ocean protections.”

While Enric Sala, the founder of Pristine Seas and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, stated:

“Ocean conservation benefits everyone, especially the diving sector. We are excited to partner with PADI and all their dive centers worldwide to foster the protection of popular dive sites all around the world.”

You can find out more information here or check out a video of the collaboration below.

Nat Geo Pristine Seas & PADI Global Dive Industry Economic Evaluation Survey
Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
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