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Buy A PADI eLearning Gift Pass, Help Clean The Ocean

If you're looking for a last-minute present for a budding diver you might know, the folks at PADI have a unique offer that could also help the ocean.

PADI Travel Unveils Must-Visit Diving Destination Packages

To kick off the holiday season, PADI Travel has announced its list of must-visit diving destinations.

PADI Offering Black Friday, Cyber Monday Deals

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest days to save on spending, PADI is also doing its part to help save the planet above and below the surface around this year’s biggest U.S. shopping holiday.

aquaCORPS Celebrates 30th Anniversary At DEMA Show

DeeperBlue.com hosted aquaCORPS Technical Diving Magazine’s 30th Anniversary party at our DEMA Show 2019 booth, supported by Global Underwater Explorers, Dive Rite and Fourth Element.

PADI’s IDC Gets a Revamp for the Instructors of the Future

PAID debuted its improved instructor development program at DEMA Show 2019.

PADI President Calls On Members To Be Ocean Ambassadors

From the surface to the abyss, PADI aims to recruit a billion "torchbearers" in the fight to preserve our oceans.

PADI Launches 2019 Master Scuba Diver Challenge

If you're on your way to earning your PADI Master Scuba Diver rating -- something fewer than 2 percent of divers ever do -- before the end of this year, you'll have an opportunity to win one of three dream dive holidays.

‘AWARE Week’ Returns This September

The second-annual "AWARE Week" to promote ocean conservation and protection will take place September 14-22, PADI and Project AWARE have announced.

2019 PADI Women’s Dive Day Saw Hundreds Of Events Across The...

This year's most recent PADI Women's Dive Day saw more than 770 events take place in 83 countries.

PADI Women’s Dive Day Hosts A Series of Global Events

A series of global events to celebrate PADI Women’s Dive Day will take place on July 20, 2019.

New World Record Underwater Cleanup Set In Deerfield Beach, Florida

Divers in Deerfield Beach, Florida broke the world record for the most participants in an underwater beach cleanup.

PADI Acquires Bonnier’s Dive Media Group

PADI announced this week that it now owns Bonnier Corporation's network of dive media brands, including Scuba Diving magazine, scubadiving.com, Sport Diver magazine, sportdiver.com and Skin Diver magazine.

747 Jumbo Jet Converted Into Artificial Reef Off Bahrain

A retired Boeing 747 was recently sunk to become an artificial reef off the coast of Bahrain, where it will rest at around 24 meters/79 feet below the surface to allow novice divers access to the aircraft at shallower depths.

PADI Introduces The PADI Loves Market Place

PADI Loves has introduced an environmentally friendly Marketplace “PADI Loves”.
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