Pakpod – The Tripod with Ninja Feet – Seeks Crowdfunding Support

Packpod Underwater
Packpod Underwater

We’ve just heard from Steve Underwood, a Forum Member, who has invented a super-versatile waterproof tripod – the Pakpod “The Tripod with Ninja Feet for Smartphone/GoPro cameras.” and is now seeking help from the public to get his product to market via the crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

Maine-native Underwood is an avid outdoorsman, filmmaker, and mechanical engineer who has free dived and filmed in more than 100 of his home state’s lakes, ponds, rivers and streams.

During these explorations, he found that one vital tool was missing from his gear bag: a waterproof, ultralight tripod that could be quickly deployed and anchored in place. He couldn’t find it – so he designed it.  The result is the Pakpod – a tripod that is poised to change the landscape of the tripod market.

The Pakpod Kickstarter Campaign is live through November 5th, 2015.