The Freediving movie Momentum – featuring 16 of the world’s elite Freedivers – is touching down in June 2016.  It recently had it’s first airing at the EUDI Show in Italy along with Directors Michele Coggiola and Artur Kade.

In anticipation of the official launch we have some very exclusive stills and behind the scenes images from the movie below.

For more information on the film you can checkout Momentum’s Website, Facebook page or Instagram page.

Eusebio Saenz de Santamaria embracing infinity.more
Eusebio Saenz de Santa Maria in awe of this shark’s magnificence.more
“I see the sea like a father, like a master, like a friend, because it gives me everything: teachings, freedom, peace, food.” - Davide Carreramore
Freediver Davide Carrera more
“Put on a mask, get into the water, look down and see what a beautiful, magical world there is there. So few of us have privilege to see what lays beneath the ocean’s surface, but when you see it you are going to want to spend time in there.” - Freediver, Lesley Rochatmore
Shooting a beautiful scene with Julie Gautier more
Guillaume Nery & Julie Gautier shooting a scene from Momentum Freediving Film.more
Guillaume Nery taking a break from from exploring shipwrecks on one breath.more
“This momentum in between two breaths is a moment where relation with time is changing and relation to space is changing. During these four minutes I am leaving this Earth and I am traveling to another planet. I am traveling to another place.” - Guillaume Nerymore
“In the freefall part you can relax so much you could actually freefall forever.” - Alexey Molchanov Alexey Molchanov takes his plunge into the Unknown.more
“I have to maintain my connection with the sea, so the sea is my teacher and teaches me a lot”. - Tomoka Fukudamore
“You have to follow this voice that calls you to the depths. Love is infinite, you can love the sea and at the same time love your family and friends. You can’t be jealous of the sea because it’s like being jealous of God.” - Davide Carreramore
Christina & Eusebio Saenz de Santa Maria heading down on the sled into the abyss.more
Andrea Zuccari in the deep blue.more
A beautiful moment captured between mother and son. Alexey Molchanov & Natalia Molchanova more
“You close your eyes and just let it go. It’s an amazing feeling that you can’t experience on Earth because you are not suspended by the water.” - Ilaria Molinarimore
“I have to maintain my connection with the sea, so the sea is my teacher and teaches me a lot”. - Tomoka Fukudamore
Shooting scenes with Christ of the Abyssmore
Christina Saenz de Santamaria plunging into the abyss.more
Eusebio Saenz de Santamaria amongst his friends, while shooting Momentum Freediving film.more