Pinnacle Aquatics Introduces New FUSION Wetsuit

Pinnacle Aquatics has developed and released its latest innovative wetsuit, the Fusion. The Fusion is a combination of patented materials, innovative design, and quality workmanship, resulting in the finest temperate water wetsuit available in the world today.

The Fusion is 5mm thick in the torso and 4mm thick in the extremities. Pinnacle Aquatics patented Merino lining is bonded to the inside of the torso and upper leg areas. Merino is scientifically proven to add 35% more thermal efficiency to neoprene than a traditional wetsuit lining. This added insulation factor makes the Fusion equivalent in thermal efficiency to a suit of 6.75mm neoprene, all without adding any bulk or buoyancy. The Fusion is excellent for diving in waters that range from the upper 50s to the low 70s, and is has been tested as a watersports suit in waters as cold as 50 degrees.

The Fusion also incorporates features such as a roll neck collar, a double Velcro neck seal, o-ring seals in the ankles and wrists, a long zipper leash with Velcro tie-down, a 10mm spine pad, and it comes with a wide-shouldered hanger for storage.