Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Bethy Driscoll

In 2009,I quit everything to dedicate my days to diving. My passion is to help add water to peoples lives and laugh along the way. When I am not on land, you will find me diving in San Diego, traveling with kids, or exploring overhead environments. Stay inspired..and keep your toes wet!

Volivoli Beach Resort: Group Photography Travel

DeeperBlue.com had the pleasure of meeting with the Volivoli team at this year's DEMA Show in Orlando, Florida to discover what their family-owned Fijian beach resort has to offer.

Blue Force 3 Liveaboard Transfers to Maldives

DeeperBlue.com had an amazing opportunity to talk with the Blue Force team to learn more about their exciting experiences on the horizon.

Pro Dive International Cozumel at DEMA Show 2019

DeeperBlue.com had the opportunity to talk with the Pro Dive International team members at DEMA Show 2019.

Pro Dive Port Elizabeth: Epic Sardine Run Trip

For the first time in several years, Pro Dive Port Elizabeth is here at DEMA Show to showcase their South African sardine run trips.

Humpback Swims: Big Mammals, Small Groups

SCUBA Diver Life Expeditions are at DEMA Show 2019 highlighting their life-changing Humpback Whale trips scheduled for 2020 & 2021.

Sealife Features Reefmaster RM-4K Camera At DEMA 2019

In developing the new Reefmaster RM-4K Camera, Sealife was looking to provide their consumers with a compact, power camera that they could bring underwater and be confident that it wouldn't flood.

Sea of Change: Reef Rescue & Rapid Response Grants

Sea of Change Foundation announced at DEMA Show 2019 that their Reef Rescue & Rapid Response Grants are now available!

Tovatec And Its Passion Projects Highlighted At DEMA Show 2019

As Deeperblue.com was exploring the DEMA Show floor, the folks at Tovatec grabbed our attention with their enthusiasm for their passion projects.

Time Concepts Unveils Bia Women’s Sport Watch

Deeperblue.com's female DEMA team members were very excited to learn that Time Concepts was releasing their Bia Women's Sport Watch.

Shearwater Showcases Upgraded Teric Wrist Dive Computer, NERD 2

Shearwater is showcasing their upgraded colored Teric wrist dive computer at this year’s DEMA Show in Orlando, Florida.