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Profile Series: Meghan Heany-Grier

Your Name: Mehgan Heaney-Grier

Nationality: USA

Age: 23

Why did you become involved in freediving?

Fell in love with the feeling

How often do you train?

As much as I can get out on the water

What is a typical day for you in your training routine — without divulging any special techniques that you don’t feel comfortable revealing

Since I am not ‘in training’ at the moment I just do what I love doing the most FREEDIVING, no special routine

Do you have any special dietary needs or preferences that you feel helps your training? Do you have any recommendations regarding this topic?

I just always try to eat a balanced diet and try to get enough protein at each meal…egg whites are always good!

Where do you mainly train — i.e.; pool, open water, etc.

W when I am in training I do some of each and that just varies on the weather and what I feel like doing that day.

What is your favorite discipline in the sport of freediving?

For me it is constant weight, can’t say that I won’t do any others in the future but at the moment I do not have any desire to compete in the other disciplines.

What is the most memorable dive or attempt that you have had — positive or negative

My most memorable dives are always while working with animals weather it be Great Hammerheads, Tiger Sharks or Alligators, I just cannot top that feeling!

What do you do outside of the sport

Well I certainly can’t complain about being bored! I am president of two corporations which includes our Production company Extreme Encounters, video sales, a new TV show with Mark and Manny in the works for the USA network called ‘DEEP DIVER’ (which I am also an Executive Producer of; a whole new world for me), and an independent documentary I am working on with Mark. I am also working on an acting career and still model when I have the time. Outside of the ‘work’ side of things I get out on the water as much as possible, get into the mountains to horseback ride when I can and visit my Grandpa to go fishing for Northern Pike, Lake trout and Walleye in Canada!

Cliff Etzel
Cliff Etzel
Cliff is the former Freediving editor of DeeperBlue.com. He is now a freelance journalist and film-maker.