Project AWARE Showcases Newly Revised Specialty

Project AWARE at DEMA Show 2018
Project AWARE at DEMA Show 2018

Project AWARE is holding an interactive workshop at this year’s DEMA Show.

The Project AWARE Specialty revamp was released earlier this year. The specialty now includes “10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean Planet” and at DEMA 2018 there will be an interactive PADI: Project AWARE Speciality Workshop.

All PADI Instructors can teach the program, and it remains a dry-fin course available for diving and non-diving ocean advocates alike. It’s a great tool to attract non-divers in to a dive center.

Once they complete the specialty there is a good potential to get them snorkelling and eventually diving.

The course results in the student making a plan of action which they can take into their everyday life to reduce their footprint on the planet.

All conservation tools are available for download for free from the Project AWARE website at

— Victoria Brown