RAID International’s Mike Wells To Promote Freediving In Asia

RAID International's Mike Wells Will Help Promote Freediving In Asia

RAID International‘s Asia office has joined forces with Mike Wells to promote freediving throughout Asia.

Wells, who joined RAID on July 1, was formerly SSI’s International Training Director of Freediving.

Wells helped conceptualize and write SSI‘s Freediving program — generally regarded as the first freediving education system by a mainstream training agency.

“Now [that Wells] has teamed up with our RAID Asia Office to further develop freediving in Asia, state of the art freediving training will become more readily available to everyone throughout the region,” RAID CEO Jim Holliday said.

Based in the Philippines, Wells “will now gain the direct support of our impressive RAID Team stationed in Asia and from those in Thailand and the Philippines in particular,” according to RAID International Director of Business and Marketing Terry Cummins.

The new partnership will begin with an instructor course at Roctopus Dive Resort on Koh Tao in Thailand, where courses from beginner to Instructor levels will soon be available, according to the company.

For those interested in learning how to freedive in Thailand, contact RAID Asia Field Service Manager Chris Haslam via email at

RAID International’s Mike Wells Will Help Promote Freediving In Asia