Reef Safe Suncare Begins Producing Bio-Safe Bottles

Tropical Seas' Reef Safe Suncare products will soon be available in bio-safe bottles.

Tropical Seas has begun  production on packaging the company’s Reef Safe SunCare products in new, plant-derived bio-resin bottles.

Reef Safe is a biodegradable sunscreen that doesn’t harm reefs or oceans.

In March 2015, Tropical Seas received samples of the new bio-resin bottles that were immediately filled with their biodegradable Reef Safe SunCare formulas for stability studies. When the formulas passed stability tests in December 2015, the bio-resin bottles were then ordered and were delivered in January 2016.

Dan Knorr, president and CEO of Tropical Seas, said:

“We are extremely gratified to have discovered bottling for our products that is bio-based and renewable, as it continues to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability. We have been researching plant-derived bio-resins for our packaging for the past several years. Following numerous test trials we finally found a 100% bio-based high density polyethylene (HDPE) resin made from plant-based feedstock that is a renewable alternative to petrochemical based HDPE resins. Since the new packaging uses 90% less energy and emits 75% less greenhouse gases when processing, this 100% bio-based HDPE packaging has a negative carbon footprint from harvest to production here at Tropical Seas.”

The new bottles are set to hit stores mid-March 2016, according to the company.

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