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Salvimar Predathor – A Complete Family of Advanced Pneumatic Spearguns


The Pradathor pneumatic speargun family is made of 4 different models, plus the Dark Side, the carbon fiber version. The standard Predathor is made with glass filled nylon, which perfectly adapts to water temperature variation, both on a performance and a duration point of view. Such material is used in particular for the grip. A specific solution by Salvimar is the automatic line release system, positioned laterally to the grip, which has no spring, but is made of a wheel with four wings, that permit to have the hook for the line always available. Moreover, the lateral solution, compared to the one positioned under the grill, best avoids the possibility of getting hooked to, for examples, algae on the sea floor. The diameter of the barrel is 13 mm.

Salvimar Predathor Plus
Salvimar Predathor Plus

Next level is the Predator Plus, which adds to the Predathor the power regulator, that permits power reduction by 50%, meaning the pressure inside the barrel pushing the piston is half the standard value. This solution is extremely useful when shooting a fish between rocks or in the shallows.

Salvimar Predathor Vuoto
Salvimar Predathor Vuoto

But, the real revolution by Salvimar is the Vuoto solution, already present on the market, but optimized by the Italian Company. Vuoto solution consists in having no water inside the barrel in front of the piston. This makes a huge difference when the piston is released and accelerates fast along the barrel. The piston, in fact, will not have to push a column of water along the barrel, but only air. The final result is a much faster movement of the piston along the barrel, and greater force pushing the shaft out, which will have greater speed. This can also be translated in the need of lower pressure needed inside the barrel, and so also less force and fatigue to load the speargun. Salvimar indicates that their Vuoto solution charged with 20 bars inside the barrel, has the same performance of a traditional system loaded to 30 bars. But this is not all: the absence of the column of water in the barrel, means that the weight the piston needs to push, in addition to its weight, is only the one of the shaft (air weight is not relevant), instead of the one of the shaft plus the one of the column of water. This means that also the recoil will be decreased for better precision of the shot and comfort. Moreover, as the barrel is generally quite heavy and negative in the water, having air instead of water inside it will help the correct balancing of the speargun.

Salvimar Predathor Vuoto SE
Salvimar Predathor Vuoto SE

Salvimar Predathor Plus
Salvimar Predathor Plus

Vuoto solution is present in the Predathor Vuoto SE (Special Edition), the Predathor Vuoto, which is complete with power regulator, and the Dark Side. The latter is the newest of the whole family, recently launched on the market. The external part of the barrel is made of high module TW-K03 pre-preg carbon fiber, which permits to reduce even more the weight of the barrel. This solution, together with the Vuoto system, gives the Dark Side an almost perfect balancing in the water. In addition, also the reduced weight strongly helps handling of the speargun.

Salvimar Predathor
Salvimar Predathor

Lengths of Dark Side are 55, 85, 115 cm, the ones of the Predathor Vuoto are 55, 65, 75, 85, 100, 115 and 130 cm, where the last four lengths are sold together with the reel.  The Predathor Vuoto SE is available in the lengths 40, 55, 65, while the Predathor Plus is made in the same lengths as the Vuoto. Finally, the Predathor, economically more accessible, is available in the lengths 40, 55, 65 and 75 cm.

All the lengths indicated by Salvimar are exactly equivalent to the distance of the movement of the piston inside the barrel.

You can find out more about the Salvimar Predathor Spearguns and where to buy via the Salvimar Website –

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  2. Spearfishing is most selective and enviroment preserving art of fishing.

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    Killing for survival is not problem, trading and making money with lives that gives bad karma.

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