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SCP Marine Innovation Introduces x2 Underwater Jet Pack

SCP Marine Innovation has introduced a new, wearable underwater jet pack that is mounted on the diver’s forearms.

“This unique delivery system generates powerful vectored thrust, amplifying movements of the user’s arms and allowing a new type of freestyle underwater acrobatics,” the company claims. “The unprecedented mobility and direction control provided by the x2 results in a truly unique solution that enables entirely new levels of underwater exploration and fun.”

To power the x2 Underwater Jet Pack, SCP has integrated the latest lithium battery technology coupled with digital motors and a wireless control system.

“The optimum position when using conventional technology is to hold it out directly in front of you, but this often means that the thrust is directed straight at the user. The x2 Underwater Jet Pack is worn on the outer arms and is fast, manoeuvrable, un-tethered, and frankly redefines underwater propulsion.”

While SCP was creating the x2, the company needed a small, powerful thrust system, so Hydra was born.

“Hydra is a compact but powerful modular marine thruster with a range of integration capabilities. Our unique mounting system will enable Hydra to power a host of future products.”



John Liang
John Liang
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