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Sea Dreams New Women???s Only Line

When Debbie Davis first became a scuba diver in the mid-1990s, she quickly realized that dive equipment, especially wetsuits, were built for men. Frustrated by the industry’s apparent lack of interest equipment and attire for women, Davis decided to take action. The result is Sea Dreams Wetsuits, one of the only companies to focus exclusively on producing wetsuits tailored to a woman’s unique fashion and function needs.

"I loved diving, but hated having to wear those ugly black wetsuits," Davis recalls. "Diving is such a beautiful sport and women shouldn’t have to be forced to wear unattractive neoprene suits that are not the least bit flattering. I wanted to create something for women that was not only flattering, but also functional and fitted to a woman’s body."

The initial response to Sea Dreams has been overwhelmingly positive. The company launched earlier this year with a new product line featuring four distinct and different styles for a variety of applications and environments. The first suit, a sleeveless shortie wetsuit called the Queen Angelfish, was followed by the Sea Star, a short-sleeved exposure suit that builds on the features of the Queen Angelfish. Both suits feature custom colorful embroidered patterns on the chest area.

According to Davis, the embroidered images (an angelfish, sea shells, and starfish) were added "to set Sea Dreams wetsuits apart from others that had simple silk-screened or heat-transferred logos on the chest. When you see a Sea Dreams suit on a lady, there’s not doubt that it’s one of ours."

While the first two suits are designed primarily for the warmer waters of the Caribbean or South Florida, the Dive Diva offers sporty elegance in a more complete head to toe suit for mid-range temperatures similar to what you would expect in Hawaii or the South Pacific. Made of 3mm ultra-stretch neoprene, the Dive Diva provides warmth and comfort, while also delivering eye-catching style. The matching jacket features a vivid trim design, either Vase Sponge Pink or Caribbean Blue, providing users model-quality attire under the water.

The final piece of the Sea Dreams line is the popular Scuba Goddess design that can be used in diving, snorkeling or any water-oriented environment.

The versatile titanium-coated .5mm fabric developed by the world-renowned Yamamoto Company, is equivalent to a suit three to four time thicker and provides full sun-protection while keeping users comfortable and warm in the water. With a choice of either Bali Blue or Lilac accents to the jet black main fabric, a fashionable and functional experience is almost guaranteed with each and every use.

All Sea Dreams products are available in sizes 4-14 and are designed for comfort, convenience and most of all, stylish performance. The company is building a national dealer network that can provide national and international access to Sea Dreams products. With the growing success of the current line, expansion plans are already in place according to Davis. "We’ ve been asked to create both ‘plus’ and ‘petite’ sizes and we’re going to do just that. As more women discover that you don’t have to leave fashion ‘on the boat’ when you go diving, the more successful we’re going to be."

For more information on Sea Dreams wetsuits, visit the company web site at

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