Sunday, July 14, 2024

SeaLife Announces Its New Sea Dragon 3000SF Pro Dual Beam Light


SeaLife has announced the introduction of its new Sea Dragon 3000SF Pro Dual Beam Photo-Video light.

The Sea Dragon 3000SF will become available in early November 2021 and offer a host of new features, including the new proprietary COB LED array with a CRI (color rendering index) of 90, which is very close to natural sunlight with a CRI of 100. Features of the new light include:

  • 120-degree beam providing 3000 lumens of illumination.
  • 15-degree spotlight beam at 1500 lumens o illumination.
  • Dual 88-degree 180 lumen red LED for illuminating dark areas without spooking the fish.
  • 60-minute burn times at full power (3000 lumens)
  • Multiple power settings delivering 3000/1500/ or 750 lumens of floodlighting. Or 1500 or 750 of spotlight.
  • Includes a Flex-Connect Single camera tray and grip.
  • Includes the Sea Dragon EVA Travel case and adapter for GoPro cameras.
  • Includes charges and Li-ion battery.

The SeaLife Sea Dragon 3000SF Pro Dual Beam Photo-Video Light retails for US$499.95/~£363/~€430.

Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy is a TDI/SDI Instructor Trainer, and PADI Staff and Trimix Instructor. Diving for 28 years, a dive pro for 14, I have traveled extensively chasing my passion for diving. I am passionate about everything diving, with a keen interest in exploration, Sharks and big stuff, Photography and Decompression theory. Diving is definitely the one and only passion that has stayed with me my whole life! Sam is a Staff Writer for