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Seven National Records Set On Day 4 of Caribbean Cup 2022


Day 4 of the 2022 Caribbean Cup freediving competition saw seven national or continental records set, and one of the world record contenders also talked about her most recent attempt setback.

On the women’s side, Thailand’s Nannaphat Sirison set a national Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) record with her 35m/114.83ft dive.

Additionally, Taiwan’s Lin Lan Lien set a Constant Weight with Bi-fins (CWTB) national record with a 64m/209.97ft dive.

On the men’s side, Taiwan’s Mingchun Huang overcame a red card from Day 2 to set a national CNF record with a 63m/206.69ft dive; Poland’s Rafal Pollwoda overcame a yellow card from Day 2 to set a Constant Weight with Monofin (CWT) record of 102m/334.65ft; and Argentina’s Ricardo Montans added to his national men’s Free Immersion (FIM) record set on Day 3 with a 102m CWT dive.

The USA’s Tory George surpassed his Day 2 national and continental FIM record on Day 4 with a 103m/337.93ft dive, and his countryman Daniel Koval set a new US CWT record with a 106m/347.77ft dive.

In her most recent Instagram post, Italy’s Alessia Zecchini was blunt and honest about her setback on Day 3 of the competition where she blacked out during a 119m/387.14ft women’s CWT world record attempt:

“It was difficult to accept and evaluate yesterday’s dive -119m… A couple of technical mistakes compromised my focus, thus suffering the effect of narcosis and causing me to slow down 40” with a total time of 4’07” ?

“In the last 20m, realizing that I could not make the dive, I pulled myself to the line and the safety helped me but I still had a blackout 3m from the surface which was resolved in a few seconds without any problem! ???

“Failures and mistakes bring a lot of regret but also many ideas to work better and more on some aspects that I still need to improve… and will make success even more beautiful! ? #NeverGiveUp #keepgoing

“Now I’ll have to rest for two days and on the 23rd I’ll be in the water to enjoy a beautiful dive!! “

Check out the full Day 4 results below.

2022 Caribbean Cup Day 4 Results
2022 Caribbean Cup Day 4 Results

(Featured Image credit: Kohei Ueno)

John Liang
John Liang
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