The Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau has undergone a re-branding, changing its name and logo, to reflect the destination’s message, identity, and position amongst its neighbors.

The key changes to the brand are as follows:

  • The Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau is being renamed “Tourism Solomons.”
  • The familiar sun, sea and island logo is being replaced with one that features a dugout canoe.

The move is part of a larger re-branding campaign titled “Solomon Is” and was carried out by Fiji-based Webmedia South Pacific. According to Josefa ‘Jo’ Tuamoto, the CEO of Tourism Solomons:

“We are confident the new branding truly characterizes the destination’s identity, message, image and positioning and will provide the platform for the Solomon Islands to optimally market itself in the international arena for the next decade or more.”

The move aims to help the island market itself and fit into the various travel and tourism markets worldwide, as well as reflect the importance of tourism to the island’s economy.

You can find out more about visiting the Solomons here.

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