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SSI Unveils DVD As Part of New Open Water Diver Program

Scuba Schools International (SSI) is proud to announce that it will release a DVD as a component of its new Open Water Diver Program. The move continues SSI??s trend of being on the forefront of audio-visual educational support materials.

In 1990, Scuba Schools International produced the first full-motion video created specifically for a diver training system. Since then, videotape has been the standard audio-visual support tool in the industry.

Now SSI is out to change the standard again to DVD.

"DVD is the fastest growing consumer electronics product on the market and most new computers and laptops are DVD compatible," says Jim Bruning, Director of SSI Product Development. "It??s an ideal educational tool; we are very excited about the potential of this new technology."

SSI students will get a choice of DVD or videotape when they purchase their SSI Open Water Diver home study kit, available Oct. 22.

More than 800 diving and 500 topside man-hours were spent gathering new footage in beautiful Saint Lucia. The video and DVD follow the same six-section format as the manual. Features include new video streaming and animation technology, new equipment and new models. The DVD version includes many extra features, and it is a very helpful teaching tool.

DVD??s versatility is unmatched. It can be viewed at lunchtime, while traveling or at home, and it’s great for families, couples and singles. From an educational perspective, DVD has a number of advantages for scuba training:

  • The picture has beautiful clarity; scuba never looked so good.
  • Students can easily review material.
  • A number of languages can be viewed from the same DVD.
  • DVDs can be watched on a TV screen or on a computer.
  • It??s ideal for home study academics.
  • It??s small and easy to transport.

"As the leader in home study academics, Scuba Schools International saw the potential in this technology long ago. When we started on the new Open Water Diver project, we knew it was a natural fit," says Bruning.

Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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