Stream2Sea is introducing boat-sized bottles of its reef-friendly skin care products.

The new bottles contain 32floz/945ml of Stream2Sea’s biodegradable and Eco friendly products. The whole range of Stream2Sea will be available in the larger-sized bottles, including four types of sunscreen, a shampoo, leave in conditioner and a “sting relief gel.”

What makes Stream2Sea products stand out is that they are Oxybenzone free. Oxybenzone is a chemical found in many sunscreens and products that is proven to be harmful to coral larvae. Research has shown that a single drop of Oxybenzone in 6.5 Olympic-sized swimming pools can be fatal to coral larvae.

Stream2Sea says its mineral-based products have been scientifically proven to be harmless to marine life and organisms including coral.

For more info, watch the video below about Stream2Sea or check out the company’s website at

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