Stuart Cove Releases Footage Of The Sinking Of Another Wreck

Sinking of HMBS Yellow Elder
Sinking of HMBS Yellow Elder

Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas has released some incredible footage of the sinking of another wreck in the waters off the Bahamas.

The popular dive resort sank HMBS YELLOW ELDER on June 6, 2018 approximately 5 miles/~8km south of Coral Harbour.

The ship joins the Bahamas Artificial Reef Program, which consists of various ships sunk over the years to create artificial reefs around the islands. Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas has sunk 30 wrecks over the years, and 20 still remain part of the program and are thriving as artificial reefs.

As with any sinking to create an artificial reef, the HMBS YELLOW ELDER was thoroughly cleaned of all fuel oils and other environmentally harmful materials, and anything that could be dangerous to divers was also removed prior to sinking.

Check out the incredible video below.