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Get Up Close And Personal With SeaLife’s New Super Macro Lens

Ever been diving and wanted to take a really, really close-up picture of a particularly beautiful piece of coral or undersea plant? Well, if...

SeaLife Releases New iPhone App For Micro HD+ and 2.0 Cameras

Traveling light on a dive trip and don't want to have to bring a laptop or an SD card reader to view the pictures...

SeaLife Unveils New Micro 2.0 Camera Sets

SeaLife has introduced two new sets for its Micro 2.0 underwater camera: the Sea Dragon 1500 Pro and the Sea Dragon 2500 Pro.The Sea...

Seeing Life at DEMA 2015

SeaLife is a family company out of Moorestown, New Jersey.  They have been adapting nimbly to the many changes in technology over the past...
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