Seeing Life at DEMA 2015

SeaLife Features New Products at DEMA 2015
SeaLife Features New Products at DEMA 2015

SeaLife is a family company out of Moorestown, New Jersey.  They have been adapting nimbly to the many changes in technology over the past 30 plus years of the company’s history.  By having their design and engineering in house, they can constantly maintain the company’s vision of keeping their products simple and user friendly.

They have also designed their own line of lights, called SeaDragon. They can provide a continuous light system, as opposed to flash strobes, that many of the other industry leaders are offering.

Their latest offering, unveiled this week at DEMA 2015 in Orlando, is the micro 2.0.  I sat down today with Sven Harms and he showed us some of the features.

The functionality is very simple, but still allows for both experienced and new underwater photographers to have quick success with the intuitive system.  Large, easy piano key buttons to scroll through allow quick, in-camera filtration.  No housing to worry about, more storage, and 16 gigs have been increased to 32 and 64 gig versions.  Both versions have internal Wi-Fi, so you can start uploading your favorite images from your dive to your Instagram page during your surface interval.

Too many features can be a negative thing, overly complicating the issue sometimes, and sometimes just turning people off from underwater photography altogether.  Simplicity and essential functionality, coupled with the innovative experience of being able to immediately transfer your images to your phone make this camera worth having along on your next trip.

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