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Seasoft Scuba Gear Fined For Illegally Dumping Lead And Arsenic

The Washington State Department of Ecology recently announced it has fined Seasoft Scuba Gear Inc. US$197,000 (~173,734 Euros) for allegedly dumping hazardous waste containing lead and arsenic down the toilet, into a storm drain and onto the ground.

British Cave Divers Receive Royal Honors

The British cave divers who were involved in rescuing a boys' soccer team in Thailand last summer have been honored by Queen Elizabeth II for their efforts.

USFF To Host 2019 CMAS World Freediving Championships In Roatan

The World Underwater Federation (CMAS) has approved the U.S. Freediving Federation to host the 2019 World Freediving Championships in Roatan, Honduras.

Training Agencies Unite To Discuss Adaptive Divers

DEMA recently hosted a training agency panel to discuss the growing community of adaptive divers.

Baltimore DC Dive Show To Feature Prominent Female Divers

The Baltimore Dive Show is set to feature renowned female scuba divers.

Coral Disease Outbreak Hits Florida Reef

Divers urged to decontaminate their gear to combat the outbreak of coral disease on Florida’s reefs.

VIP Diving Bonaire Releases Sustainability Video

VIP Diving Bonaire has released an impressive video of its sustainability efforts.

‘Religion Of Sports’ Episode Focuses On Freediving

The most recent episode of AT&T's AUDIENCE Network's original documentary series, "Religion of Sports," debuted last week with a focus on freediving.

Bigblue Dive Lights Unveils Its New Website

Bigblue Dive Lights has announced the launch of a new and improved website.

Fins Attached Announces A New Shark, Rays Marine Biology Course

Fins Attached has teamed up with Dr. Peter Klimley to teach a new marine biology course focused on sharks and rays.

Spare Air Unveils New, Larger Air Cylinder

The wait is finally over: Spare Air is now available in three cylinder sizes -- 1.7 cu.ft (48 liters), 3.0 cu.ft. (85 liters) and 6.0 cu.ft. (170 liters).

Footage of Sunken Norwegian Frigate Released

The Norwegian Navy has released footage of the frigate Helge Ingstad which sank last month.

Would Setting Up A ‘Global Fund’ Help Reduce Marine Plastic Pollution?

With plastic pollution in the world's oceans getting more and more dire with each passing year, some economic researchers are wondering whether it would be worth setting up some kind of "global fund" to help developing countries pay the cost of improving their waste management systems.

‘Dolphin Man’ Documentary Now Available In iTunes, Amazon VOD In USA

The beautiful documentary "Dolphin Man" about famed freediver Jacques Mayol is now available in the USA on the iTunes and Amazon video-on-demand platforms.
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