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The Freedive Show — Diary — 24th

(Updated 24th)Publisher Stephan Whelan, on-location in Cyprus with a team from, submits his regularly updated weblog

The Freedive Show — Wrap Up

In the final installment of the Freedive Show - Pete and Eric run through their final predictions and analysis

The Freedive Show — Part VI

Pete and Eric look at the Women's Static and Dynamic in this installment of the Freedive Show leading up to the 2003 Sony Freediver Open Classic

The Freedive Show — Part V

As we enter the final week before the competition, Pete and Eric turn their expert analysis to the Mens Static and Dynamic events

The Freedive Show — Part IV

With only a few weeks to go, Eric and Pete run down the women contenders in the constant weight category in Cyprus

The Bears Guide to Big Competitions

The smallest Freediver in the world gives his advice to competitors on how to be prepared for a big competition

The Freedive Show — Part III

Pete and Eric continue their six-part guide to the Sony FreeDiver Open Classic 2003. This week they run through the male contenders

On The Road to Cyprus – Part II

Regular contributor Emma Farrell continues her training diary as the weeks to the Cyprus competition tick by!

The Freedive Show — Part II

Writers Peter Scott and Eric Fattah continue their series of articles leading up to the Sony Freediver Open Classic

The Freedive Show — Part I

Peter Scott and Eric Fattah kick off the in-depth look at the Sony FreeDiver Open Classic. This week we give you an overview of what to look out for!

Deepest Training Schedule

The FreeDiving Bear - The Deepest Bear - has agreed to share some of his secrets on his training for the Sony FreeDiver Open Classic

Bringing The Competition to You! Publisher Stephan Whelan talks over the planned coverage of the Sony FreeDiver Open Classic '03 in Cyprus

On The Road to Cyprus – Part I

Writer Emma Farrell returns to kick off our coverage in the lead up to Cyprus 2003 with the first part of her training diary




How It’s Made: The Suunto D5

Suunto give us an inside look onto the process of how a dive computer makes it off the drawing board and onto your wrist.

Oldest Scuba Diver Record Claimed By 100-Year-Old

100-year-old Bill Lambert has broken the Guinness World Record for the oldest person to scuba dive.

Kids Sea Camp Announces New Changes and Updates for Future Trips

Kids Sea Camp has announced new changes and updates for future trips.

Tracking Hammerhead Sharks Reveals Conservation Actions To Protect Them

A team of researchers has conducted a study to determine the migration patterns of smooth hammerhead sharks (Sphyrna zygaena) in the western Atlantic Ocean.

Neptonics Unveils New Quantum Stealth Rash Guard Top

Neptonics recently unveiled its new, warm-water Quantum Stealth Rash Guard Top.


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