Thursday, November 30, 2023
FreedivingBringing The Competition to You!

Bringing The Competition to You!


Today we hit the 50 day mark on the countdown to the International FreeDiving competition in Cyprus run by FreeDiver UK Magazine. The Sony FreeDiver Open Classic currently has 176 competitors from 31 countries and makes it the largest Individual FreeDiving competition so far.

It will be an exciting event with no less than 8 current and former World Champion FreeDivers in attendance and in case you haven’t already heard (although you’re reading this so we assume you have) will be in attendance with 7 Staff reporting and analysing what goes on before, during and after the event. I’m personally very excited by the whole event as i’ve spoken to many competitors and they come from varied backgrounds, abilities and experience. The event in itself should not also serve as a great promotional platform for the sport but also as an opporuntity for people to meet in a hot and sunny climate. Perfect!

pac_cup1 So, what can you expect from us. Well, we’ve brought together a team from around the globe to provide pre-competition commentary (with competitor analysis, competition background, rules breakdown and generally what you can expect at an Individual Competition), training diaries as people prepare for the competition, as well as on-location commentary during the event (bringing you the action as well as the gossip!), and analysis after everyone has gone home.

We also have the unique perspective of being able to provide the perspective of not only the competitors, but also the spectators, judges and even the safety divers! Everyone who is around a competition help make the atmosphere and success of an event, and this time we’re going to help anyone who isn’t there also follow what is going on during the week as well as anyone who did attend see things that they may have missed. We’re setup in "base camp" so are in the thick of the action!

pac_cup3 This is going to be as interactive as we can get it, with results at the end of every competition day, photos, articles and analysis. You can also join in discussions in our forums, or you can email us with news, commentary or gossip that you’ve heard. Our new gallery will be up and running by then so we’ll be posting photos that we’ve taken during the day so you can see the event as it unfolds.

I hope you enjoy our coverage and don’t hesitate to contact me to let me know any comments you have.

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Stephan Whelan
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