The 18 Most Amazing Photos from #VB2015

William coming up from a free immersion dive to 115 meters. He finished first in all categories, the other ones being a 120 meters dive in CWT and 94 in CNF.

All the athletes are home, the staff and volunteers have cleared up and Suunto Vertical Blue is over for another year.  We take a look back over the competition with some of the stunning photos from photographer Daan Verhoeven who yet again delivered the most amazing photos for us to enjoy.

Take a look below at what we believe are the 18 Most Amazing Photos from Suunto Vertical Blue 2015.

Adam Stern from Australia diving down to 93 meters, giving him a joined bronze medal for CWT. This was a PB for Adam, who went on the break the Australian FIM record with an 85 meter dive.more
Tomoka Fukuda from Japan tied with Sayuri for a Japanese record with this dive to 80 meters FIM. Tomoka is more known for her deep CWT dives, but with strong performances in all categories she finished second overall this year. more
Sayuri Kinoshita displaying excellent monofin technique on her dive down to 80 meters. Sayuri is an ex-swimming teacher and show real aquatic finesse whenever she dives or is playing underwater.more
William coming up from a free immersion dive to 115 meters. He finished first in all categories, the other ones being a 120 meters dive in CWT and 94 in CNF.more
William Trubridge from New Zealand, filling up his goggles at Vertical Blue 2015more
Sofia Gomez Uribe from Colombia is an ex-swimmer and it shows. On her way down to a Colombian record of 51 meters CNF she had perfect technique from her finger tips down to her pointed toes. This dive also bagged her the silver medal in the category, and with 3 Colombian records across all disciplines, she finished in a strong fourth place.more
Sayuri on her way down to a FIM national record. The mark of a true champion, she didn't let relatively bad visibility and cold temperatures on certain days stop her.more
Sayuri Kinoshita from Japan was the overall woman's gold medal winner, with strong dives across the board. Here she is on her way down to an 80 meter FIM Japanese record.more
Ryuzo Shinomiya from Japan won the silver medal overall, partially because of this strong CNF dive down to 62 meters. Ryuzo hadn't planned on doing all 3 categories and did his CWT dive in a borrowed monofin.more
Misuzu Okamoto and Dean's blue hole. Mimi is considered as one of the best monofin swimmers around, but when she began her freediving career, she couldn't even swim.more
Misuzu Okamoto from Japan about to surface from a CWT dive. Mimi ended up doing a national record in the category with a 92 meter dive, gaining her a gold medal for CWT and making her the third deepest woman of all time.more
Karla Mendez from Venezuela on her way down to 43 meters CNF. A record for Venezuela, and possibly the deepest swimsuit only dive in the world. Testament to the temperature in Dean's, which was usually between 27 and 28 degrees.more
Jonathan Sunnex coming up from a training dive, under the careful supervision of the head of safety, Stephen Keenan. more
Jonathan Sunnex from New Zealand swimming down to 62 meters. The relative cold and bad visibility that day didn't stop this highly acclaimed diver and instructor to do his dive, only his 4th competition CNF dive, to 62 meters.more
Johan Thelaus from Sweden freefalling down the line. This was Johan's first competition in years and he managed to get a bronze medal for his CNF dive to 65 meters.more
Dean Chaouche from the UK, training CNF. Dean went on to win silver in this category with a dive to 68 meters. He also finished strong overall, with a 5th place.more
Annelie Pompe from Sweden pulling up from a FIM dive. Annelie set a new Swedish record in this category with a dive to 73 meters. more
Alejandro Lemus from Mexico doing a FIM dive to 93 meters, enough to secure a silver medal in this category. Alejandro also came third overall, with 3 strong performances, all of which were records for Mexico. more

All Photos Courtesy of and © Copyright Daan Verhoeven