Do you remember ‘the Reef’? That special spearfishing spot that does not forgive or give second chances? Those 40meters/130ft of taunting dark blue?

The fish that approaches from the depth to test your skill set, your equipment and your mental toughness?

In the last video I showed how challenging can the ‘Reef’ get. A shark snatching your prey? Easy. An amberjack stealing my C4 Urukay? Sure, enjoy the ride.

But there is always a reward waiting for those who venture. How magical can ‘the Reef’ get?

Well, what about a scene with an enormously large family of Dentex? Yes, that evasive, highly prized Mediterranean fish. A scene so epic that I simply could not pull the trigger, contemplating whether I had a right to disturb such a ‘family reunion’. Luckily, a 16kg Amberjack was lurking somewhere in the back of the group…

Get ready for a dose of ‘wow, that looks pretty exciting

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