Friday, September 18, 2020
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Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia: Aspetto

Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia is taking you on to a new journey into the abyss... You take a full breath, perform a fluid duck dive and start...

Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia, Season 2

Do you remember the 'Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia'? Last year we talked about Relaxation, Awareness, Respect, Patience, Health/Training and Enjoying the Moment. Just like before, I still want you...

Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia: (you) Hold, Dive, Shoot

Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia – (you) Hold, Dive, Shoot - a trilogy of short films first gets you in the mood for deeper underwater and then gives you a chance to join Anvar on his trips into the DEEP. Literally.

Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia: Carpe Diem

Are you ready for installment 5 of the Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia? Slow inhale. Even slower exhale... Repeat. How do you get in your 'underwater explorer' mood? Once...

Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia: Respect

Hi to all the "sea salt for breakfast, lunch and dinner" enthusiasts around the Globe.   Welcome the Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia, Part 4: Respect.  A very...

Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia: Awareness

Buckle up, here comes the Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia, Part #3: Awareness. Our lives are a myriad of interconnected events, stories and details. And quite often...




Women Divers Hall of Fame 2021 Scholarships Applications Now Open

Applications are now open for the Women Divers Hall of Fame's 2021 scholarship and grants.

New Design Alert: FREEDIVING

We've launched a new design in the official clothing store: Freediving!

Four Freediving World Records Set At 2020 Freediving European Cup

The CMAS Freediving European Cup in Kalamata, Greece has seen 4 new Freediving World Records fall including 2 in the new Masters category

NOAA’s 2021 Marine Debris Calendar Now Available

The 2021 Marine Debris Calendar has been released by the US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration and is now is available to download.

SDI Introduces Stimulus Package for All Dive Pros

SDI has launched two stimulus packages aimed at renewing and crossing over members and facilities.


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