Saturday, July 13, 2024

The Humboldt Explorer Is Back After A Revamp


Explorer Ventures Humboldt Explorer is back in the Galapagos after a thorough revamp and overhaul. The extensive remodeling involved tearing down all the staterooms to their bulkheads before rebuilding them from the ground up. They now feature new plumbing, walls, light and electrical systems, and a new fire protection system. In addition, the cabins have also been revamped with new doors, and floors, Not to mention the entertainment and air conditioning systems which have also been upgraded.

Things don’t end in the cabins, and the Dive deck has seen a huge upgrade. It has been made larger and raised, so it is all on one level now, making it much easier for divers to move around. In addition, new outdoor showers have been relocated to the stern of the boat. New charging stations have been installed. Needless to say, the diving table, tank hoses, and such have also received a maintenance cycle.

Obviously, the overhaul does not end here. The two MTU series 60 marine engines have been rebuilt, and a full maintenance cycle on the compressor, the nitrox system, 100kw generators, steering system, and hydraulic jack has been completed.

The Salon has also received an upgrade and is now more comfortable with more natural light and an upgraded AC unit. At the same time, the sundeck got a new teak floor and a stunning bar and grill.

You can find out more information here.

Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
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