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Tovatec And Its Passion Projects Highlighted At DEMA Show 2019

As was exploring the DEMA Show floor, the folks at Tovatec grabbed our attention with their enthusiasm for their passion projects.

Chuck Fultz was more than happy to reintroduce our team to the Mera Light+Camera, and also showcased their compact Seasurge scooter and Chaste apparel wear.

As a reminder, Tovatec’s Mera light also has a built in camera. When the video light and camera option is selected, a diver is able to easily capture footage without having to worry about if their shot is successfully recording the images they want to share with their dive buddies or on land. We are still excited about their innovative lights, and glad to hear that they are looking to upgrade and improve their lights over time.

In addition to their light camera technology, Chuck and his wife were very excited to show their SeaSurge, a personal propulsion unit for divers and snorkelers.

Unlike traditional scooters, the Seasurge is the world’s smallest unit measuring at 12.5 Inches x 12.3 Inches x 5 Inches/318mm x 318mm x 127mm, only weighing 7 lbs 14 ounces (3.6 kilos). Their patent-pending technology makes it super maneuverable, and this was tested by Chuck’s wife and son.

Not only is this unit compact, but it carries a punch because the propeller sits right on the motor. Tovatec is encouraging our team to test the SeaSurge in the DEMA Show pool to truly feel how powerful their compact propulsion unit is. Their team is encouraging aquatic enthusiasts to bring this unit out in Florida while snorkeling to save energy against currents, and spice up your aquatic adventure.

Before saying goodbye for the day, Chuck really wanted us to know about one of his favorite passion projects, the company’s Chaste apparel. As divers, we see the negative effects of plastic pollution when we are diving. They wanted to take those plastics out of the water and do something with it! The Chaste shirt material is made out of eight single use plastic water bottles, yet is is breathable, soft, and stylish. Not only are they generating apparel with this material, but they also wanted to provide dive bags and dive flags. Chaste means pure, and Tovatec is trying to find more ways to improve and water enthusiasts experience, and help our planet along the way.

The Chaste retails for $26 with a logo and $35 without the logo with a minimum of 25 shirt orders. The SeaSurge retails for US$1000 (~905 Euros).

Bethy Driscoll
Bethy Driscoll
In 2009,I quit everything to dedicate my days to diving. My passion is to help add water to peoples lives and laugh along the way. When I am not on land, you will find me diving in San Diego, traveling with kids, or exploring overhead environments. Stay inspired..and keep your toes wet!