Fourth Element revealed a new undersuit, the HALO AR, at DEMA Show on Wednesday.

The HALO AR is the warmest undersuit ever developed with one of the most insulating materials that exists: ARGON, which was originally designed for use in space exploration and cryogenics.

3mm ARGON insulation material is located on the front panel, on the legs for protection to keep you warm when you are in trim, and on the wrists.

1mm ARGON insulation covers the butt so you stay warm whilst you are kitting up, and also across the kidneys as they are set close to the skin so it maintains the body temperature as the blood flows.

This phenomenally warm suit is super streamlined, non-bulky and non-compressible yet maintains flexibility with its all-way stretch fabric and waterproof outer layer.

During the testing stage, Fourth Element had their divers, including Director Jim Standing, standing in a freezing truck wearing the suit as they filmed with a thermal insulating camera to monitor the levels of heat loss. The areas covered by the suit showed full protection and the imaging came up black, i.e. almost zero heat loss.

During this testing period, they also noticed heat was escaping from the centrally based zip; the now-modified zip was repositioned to the side so minimal heat loss when in trim.

The HALO AR is way less buoyant than the previous HALO undersuit, and smaller than a set of Arctics. Most importantly you can machine-wash the suit!

The men’s HALO AR is ready to go and available now for US$629 (539 Euros), while the Women’s suit is still under development.

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