Trailer Released for Audrey Mestre ESPN Documentary “No Limits”

ESPN have released the trailer for the “Nine for IX” documentary about Audrey Mestre’s death – “No Limits” – which is due to air on Tuesday July 23, 2013 at 8pm ET.

You can see the trailer below or on YouTube.

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  • Much gratitude for making possible the viewing of this fascinating & heartfelt, albeit consequential documentary. Upon my 1st ESPN viewing, & several subsequent times on still, I'm unable to think, or speak w/out accusatory or inflammatory statements regarding my notions of any perceived "mystery" surrounding THE final dive of 10-12-02. Beating a dead horse achieves nothing, but to NOT acknowledge myriad glaringly obvious & painful details leading to the tragedy- is a travesty itself, essentially validating a perpetuation of injustice.
    The denial, & deplorable accounts recalled by "FPF"- not only highlite his malace, but ultimately do this sport, & professional athletic disciplines of any kind, severe & far reaching disservice. To overlook the nightmare & circumstances of that fateful day, I believe, diminishes her essence & lure, her unwavering magnetism, her unbridled passion for the Sea...The film does right by illuminating AUDREY MESTRE'S MEMORY, in celebrating her painfully brief existence.