Thursday, June 13, 2024

US$4.5 Million Donation Heading Sea Shepherd’s Way


The Age of Union Alliance has announced a massive US$4.5 million/~€3.98 million donation to Sea Shepherd.

The move is designed to support Sea Shepherd in its operations to work with governments worldwide patrolling the oceans to protect them from unregulated fishing.

The massive donation will be used to fund the operation of a 56m/184ft Sea Shepherd vessel to be called Age of Union for three years. The ship will begin patrolling in January 2022, and her first tour will aim to prevent dolphin bycatch off the coast of France. after that, the vessel will head to the west coast of Africa for a period of three months.

Commenting on the donation, Sea Shepherd CEO Alex Cornelissen said:

“Sea Shepherd is proud to have the support of Age of Union. Thanks to their passion and support, we will expand our operations, save more wildlife, and protect critical marine habitats that are crucial to the survival of our oceans. Shoulder to shoulder, we stand in our fight against poachers in the larger effort to save our oceans. To honor the partnership with Age of Union, we will proudly bear their name on one of our flagship vessels.”

 While Dax Dasilva, the founder of Age of Union, said:

“I have long admired Sea Shepherd’s unyielding efforts to protect our planet’s most sacred oceanic ecosystems. With these funds from Age of Union, we hope to help Sea Shepherd save the lives of endangered species, preserve their habitats, and support local communities disrupted by illegal poachers. We must continue to shine a light on the important work organizations like Sea Shepherd do to keep our waters safe for the prosperity of critical marine wildlife.”

You can find out more about Age of Union here and Sea Shepherd here.

Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
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