There is a lovely Slovenian proverb about the 14th February. It says it is the day that the plants and flowers start to grow, and work in the fields and vineyards commence because “St Valentine brings the keys of roots”. It is also the traditional time of year when lovers express their feelings for each other with a romantic gesture.

Romantic gestures come in all shapes and sizes. It can be unconventional. A heated towel rail for the bathroom because you are in the middle of renovating a house, and budgets are tight. Or a pair of spring fin straps because your significant other wants an easier solution when donning their fins.

And then there is the conventional gift. A pretty card, with something thoughtful written inside it, with a bunch of flowers. (Important note: the flowers should never ever look as though they have been bought from a petrol/gas station).

Traditionally chocolate might seem a great solution, however, February is also a time when some of us are struggling with our weight. So unless your lover is a chocoholic, perhaps a 2lb box of chocolates is not an optimal move. You could also choose to go away for a romantic weekend, buy a spa day voucher or plump for something shiny.

Currently, there is some rather beautiful jewelry out there that echoes our love for the sea.

Valentines Gifts For Her

Evolve Jewellery

Evolve Charm

Evolve charms are inspired by New Zealand’s natural treasures. Each stylish contemporary charm is compatible with Pandora and Thomas Sabo bracelets. Evolve uses natural materials including Greenstone, and faceted and Murano glass.

The Kina is a sea urchin found widely along New Zealand coastlines.

This striking green enamel charm pays homage to the Kina’s exquisite green shell textured with pearlescent white dots.”

Gogh Jewelry Design

Gogh Jewelry Design

Diver Szilvia Gogh started crafting silver jewelry in her late teens for adventure-hungry travelers.

If you like perfect jewelry, this is probably not for you. Goph beach jewelry is light-hearted and individual.

This sterling silver necklace features a sterling silver hand stamped 1-inch pendant and a blue Swarovski crystal. This represents the oceans whilst an alloy anchor reflects well-grounded hope.



Larimar is a sky blue gemstone from the Dominican Republic. The ‘mar’ is its name means ‘sea’ in Spanish. The color of the pectolite can vary from white through to light-blue, green-blue and deep blue.

Melymar set Larimar into sterling silver. This Nautilus bracelet has a double clasp loop to accommodate most wrist sizes.

The Nautilus is considered a symbol of perfection and beauty.

Reef Jewelry

Reef Jewelry

South African born Peter Barbarovitch is a designer-maker.

Being a diver there are some encounters with marine life that you never forget, and I have been fortunate to have enjoyed some quite remarkable, memorable moments. Nature has a way of forging some very strong bonds and I express this in my jewelry.

This 18ct Gold and Silver Seahorse and Diamond pendant on a snake chain necklace are from the ‘Duo’ collection, where the beauty of 18ct Gold is superbly complemented by solid silver.

Shelia Fleet Jewellery

Shelia Fleet Jewellery

Shelia Fleet OBE is one of Scotland’s leading designer-makers of jewelry. She left school at 15 with no qualifications but a passion for art and drawing. She has 28 collections influenced by the sea including ‘Atlantic Breaker’, ‘Bow Waves’, ‘Rock Pool’, ‘Tidal’ and ‘Storm’.

This Tidal bangle reflects the perpetual movement of the tides of the Pentland Firthand. Every time you move your wrist, the independent bands of silver move to create a different shape as it’s worn.

Valentines Gifts For Him



Few men can resist a beautiful watch, and Blancpain probably makes the finest watches in the world.

This Swiss watch manufacturer was the first to create the modern diver’s watch when they launched the ‘Fifty Fathoms‘ watch in 1953. What made it unique was that it incorporated a one-way rotating bezel.

This is an inheritance timepiece, with a price tag to match. It features a mechanical depth gauge, amorphous metal membrane, maximum depth memory with secured reset pusher, articulated rubber strap, decompression valve and a self-winding movement.

Of Silver And Wool

Of Silver And Wool

Founded in 2013 ‘Of Silver And Wool‘ make their jewelry using the lost wax casting process. They start with a sketch. Then the item is carved in wax and this model is used to make a mold. Then the wax is melted and poured out – hence ‘lost wax’ – and the silver is then cast, quenched and finished. It means that every piece is unique.

Whales symbolism revolves around emotion, inner truth, and creativity. This one-of-a-kind sterling silver Humpback Whale pendant comes with a silver chain.

Reef Jewelry

Reef Jewelry

Discerning divers that love shark jewelry should take a serious look at Reef Jewelry’s collections. It is not often that a company puts its money where its mouth is. But that is exactly what Reef Jewelry did when it was founded in 2001. From day one they made a commitment to marine conservation and donate a percentage of their sales to help the Shark Trust keep up their important work.

Reef Jewelry has designed two different shark cufflinks. The Great White Shark or these majestic Hammerhead cufflinks. Both designs are handcrafted from solid silver.


Ti2 Titanium

Titanium is a favored metal for those who spend a lot of time underwater because it is unaffected by seawater and chlorine. It is also a strong, hypoallergenic metal.

Ti2 hand-make their cave line arrow pendant. This can be engraved with a logo, a design, or a person’s initials. Or it can be left plain.

The line arrow has a brushed finish and can be ordered attached to a strong titanium Venetian box chain.


Suunto Zulu watch strap

An essential component of any wrist-mounted diving instrument is an effective strap.

Suunto has recognized that their straps are either rubber or metal and not all divers like that. The third option is to fit a ‘Zulu’ fabric strap.

The design dates back to WWII and is popular with the military because the single piece construction design provides a secure fitting. Normally if a pin comes lose you also lose the watch. This watch strap ensures the watch stays firmly on your wrist. The ‘Zulu’ watch strap can be fitted to any D6 Suunto computer.