Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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[VIDEO] A Place Below: A Freediving Short Film

[VIDEO] A Place Below: A Freediving Short Film

This week’s video is a short Freediving film by artist Emma Critchley and British freediver Liv Philip.

This short film portrays one freediver’s journey to find contentment during a deep dive. Liv’s heartrate slows dramatically, and is heard on the film’s soundscape as she disappears into darkness. Through the darkness, light and sweetness break through, like a spell which has been cast, in a place below.

Emma Critchley is an award winning underwater filmmaker, photographer and artist. She has over ten years’ experience working on short films, feature documentaries, music videos, editorials and commercials.

Liv Philip is eight times British Champion freediver and medalist at the AIDA depth World Championship 2013. She is based in London.

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