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Visible 247 Showcases Incredibly Bright Technology For The First Time At DEMA

Visible 247 introduced a high-performing photoluminescent technology at this year’s DEMA Show in Las Vegas, and after 15 years in the making, the result is enlightening.

This is no ordinary glow; Visible 247 have managed to pack more light-reflective crystals of different sizes into their substrate, which can be anything from silicon up to hard plastic.

Chief Marketing Officer Barry Cohen explains:

“What we claim at Visible 247 is that with only 10 minutes of any type of light exposure, whether that be daylight, incandescent, halogen, rainy or foggy daylight exposure on our substrate it will yield a 10-hour glow that has never been achieved before.

“The really amazing thing is that if you leave it in the bright sunlight for three hours, it will glow for two days.”

Visible 247 offers a full range of 24 colors and they can get the glow with all these colors; this is a remarkable technological breakthrough in the world of illumination.

The company is looking to work with designers and creatives to develop dive accessories.

Currently in the development pipeline is a bright dive stick that you can reuse, does not require batteries and has a reliably bright glow.

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— Victoria Brown

Visible 247 at DEMA Show 2018
Visible 247 at DEMA Show 2018 DEMA Team DEMA Team
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