Saturday, September 19, 2020

Dive Cozumel’s Cenotes With Dimi Scuba Tours


There are many dive companies in Cozumel, but very few that go back to the early days of scuba diving.

Diana Isabel Aguilar de León is the founder of Dimi Scuba Tours Cozumel. She has been in the scuba diving business for over 35 years. The company started from her personal passion for scuba diving.

The company offers a wide range of diving options. Their eagle ray dives are very popular as are the bull shark dives. Cozumel is well-known as a dive destination, with numerous dive sites along the Mesoamerican reef.

Many divers do not realize that there is diving on the island as well: Cenotes are sinkholes that have collapsed into underground salt water rivers. Rainwater and ground water fill some the space above the river creating a location with both fresh ans salt water. These are common on the mainland and Cozumel has some as well. Dimi Scuba Tours includes cenote dives on Cozumel Island.

The company is currently offering a number of dive package specials at the El Sid Resorts. Prices for a four-day, three-night dive package starts at US$432 (about 375 euro). There is more information on the Dimi Scuba Tours website.

Dive Cozumel's Cenotes With Dimi Scuba Tours 3
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